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NJ Voices

You can see my article on NJ.com (The Star Ledger's online site) - "Barriers to Mental Health Treatment in N.J.'s South Asian Community"

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SAY Campaign

Please click here for the main page - my article is listed first under the "Pages" list on the right.

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Sikh Chic

Please visit www.sikhchic.com to read my article ("Mental Health ... is a Health Issue")


Reactions from readers:

"Your article was exceptional. People from non-western cultures must find it very difficult to openly discuss possible mental health issues. Hope to see your message spread." - P. S.

"Well done article on sikhchic. I sifted through your website and it's great to see your efforts in helping our community. My wife and I ... have seen first hand undiagnosed mental disorders among patients. These people will probably never be diagnosed and thus not receive treatment secondary to the associated stigma and/or lack of knowledge among the patient's support system knowing that such a condition is defined as a disease and can potentially be treated ... We are from Toronto (a very large South Asian population) ... I'm sure you can do a lot of [service] here." - S. S. C.

"I think your article on SikhChic was amazing. As a child I always wanted to get into this field and am currently majoring in psychology . . . I am glad you highlighted how important these issues are in our community because many times they go unnoticed . . . growing [up,] . . . We usually thought of the person as having a weak mind, but these people seriously need help . . . I just wanted to thank you for the article it was a real inspiration." - I. S.


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