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General Policies


In order to receive the best care and ensure other patients can receive the same, it is important for you to read some important policies regarding my practice.

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Your First Appointment

Please arrive 15 minutes before your first scheduled appointment so you have ample time to complete any paperwork.

You should print the recommended patient forms from the Initial Visit page of the website and bring them in completed, as this will allow for the best use of our first meeting.


- The Evaluation:

Psychiatric care begins with a hour long Extended Comprehensive Psychiatric Exam. We will go through a careful history of the problems you or family member are experiencing, and will also take a family history. Psychiatric/psychological scales may also be employed to further highlight areas of concern. From the understanding and formulation of your particular case, we will agree on a personalized, multifaceted treatment plan for the patient. Treatment may include medications, therapy or counseling. (An initial evaluation may require more than one hour long session in some cases.)

- Medication Management or Follow-up Appointments:

Follow-up appointments are generally 30 minutes long. I consistently strive to use medications judiciously, and try to prescribe the lowest effective dose of medication to minimize side effects.

- Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions will generally last an hour, unless otherwise agreed upon during our discussion. In my practice, I use a mix of psychodynamically-infomed (insight-oriented), supportive, cognitive, and behavioral approaches. I don't believe in a "cookie cutter" approach to treatment, and will assess each unique case carefully for the best intervention.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please note that the policy is reflective of the importance of the time set aside for each patient, and takes into account the needs of all patients who would want to schedule a visit.

Your appointment time is especially reserved for you. I do not "double book" appointments, and pride myself on giving each patient my full attention and time for the entire appointment.

If you do not cancel your appointment and are unable to come to the office at the scheduled time, I am unable to see another patient because the time slot was allotted specifically for you.

If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, I ask that you call the office to cancel or reschedule that appointment at least TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS IN ADVANCE in fairness to other patients who could use that appointment time. If you are unable to provide sufficient notice, a missed appointment fee equivalent to the fee for the appointment will be assessed. This fee will be payable prior to the next scheduled visit. Exceptions will be considered only in case of a true emergency. For an appointment scheduled for Monday, please note that the appropriate notice would be the Friday preceding the appointment.


Payment Policy

I do not participate in any managed care organizations at this time. Therefore, I request that you make payment at the time of the appointment/service. Payment may be made via cash or personal check.

Please note that a $25 fee shall be applied in addition to bank fees for any returned checks which are not honored due to insufficient funds. The unpaid balance may be paid by cash or check, and is payable prior to the next appointment.

Other Fees

Other nominal fees may apply in unique situations such as filling out of lengthy forms, generating very detailed reports, non-emergent phone conversations lasting over 15 minutes (due to their impact on the scheduling of other patients), and refilling of prescriptions after having missed a scheduled appointment (as this creates a difficulty in maintaining adequate treatment and monitoring of the patient).

These fees will be discussed in person or on the phone at the actual time when the need for these additional services becomes evident. Each situation will be discussed on a case by case basis and exceptions will be made at my discretion given each unique circumstance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about these issues.


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Privacy Practices

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Please CLICK HERE to see, print, and sign acknowledgement of having read and understood the Notice of Privacy Practices.



Medication Policies

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